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Losing weight is not an easy task. So much effort goes into just planning, researching and finding the most perfect and customizable solutions for developing a healthy lifestyle let alone the part where you actually have to follow it. However, these ill-experienced advice from people who ‘heard it’ from other people not only distract you from your routines but also makes you feel less motivated when the tips you follow don’t actually yield results.  

We decided to fix that for you. We compiled a list of 11 most effective solutions recommended by all the best dieticians, which can fit effortlessly in your weight-loss diet:-

  • Breakfast

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? 

Breakfast is the first proper meal of your day which is what makes it so important to look closely at what you choose to eat in your breakfast. Having a proteinaceous and a fibrous breakfast can make you feel more energetic and help you control and reduce your evening cravings. You can include eggs, yogurt, nuts and cereal in your breakfast.  

  • Eat slowly 

Eating slowly is a very good hack to control the portions of the food you eat. All the best dieticians recommend their clients to really taste the food before they swallow it. This allows the clients to enjoy their meals more and also helps them to feel more satisfied than they usually do. 

  • Track what goes into your mouth. 

This is not an uncommon advice since tracking what you eat and how often you eat can help you get a better understanding of the unhealthy habits that are inconspicuous in your lifestyle. Plus, it also helps you to identify the areas which you can further improve. Therefore, make sure you are recording the diet you follow. 

  • Water! 

Water is always a part of every good weight loss diet and it’s never without a reason. Drinking water works on two levels. Sometimes you can feel the need to eat if your body is feeling a little dehydrated, therefore, often cravings can be held off by drinking good amounts of water. Secondly, drinking water makes you feel fuller therefore helping you control your portions. 

  • Manage your Calories

Managing calories does not mean you have to compromise on taste. You can always choose low fat options, such as sharp cheddar to stay faithful to your taste. The trick is to find the most creative ways to do so. Many of the best dieticians make their clients a custom weight loss diet with recipes that allow for a tasty yet low calorie meal. 

  • Don’t skip Eating!

Perhaps the most common mistake people make is skipping meals in a hope to consume less calorie. However, this not only messes up with the body’s metabolism but also makes it think that it’s being starved. This can lead to increase in hunger and cravings ultimately making it very hard to manage so, instead, focus on what you’re eating and how much you are eating and you should be able to manage your weight better. 

  • Exercise

Exercising is obviously one of the most important supplements to any weight loss diet. Best Dieticians around the globe often recommend some simple and easy exercises to their clients to ensure that their clients are working out every day even if it’s just for five minutes. 

  • Control your Portions 

It’s all about hacking the mind. Using smaller plates and smaller bowls can trick your brain into believing that you are eating a lot. This might actually help you satiate your hunger without intake of any extra calories. 

  • Greens!

Veggies have a lower fat quotient and they are highly nutritious which makes them an essential part of every weight loss diet. Eating more veggies also makes you feel full early which allows for a lesser intake of calories.

  • Beware of the drinks 

Drinks might look harmless but most of the sodas and juices have added sugar which unnecessarily adds to your daily calorie intake. You can try replacing these drinks with water.  

  • Be choosy at restaurants

Best dieticians recommend that you must ask for the meals to include extra veggies or split your order in case you have to eat outside to avoid eating extra calories. 

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