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The Diet Mantra is focused on providing expert nutritional advice to suit your body needs and empowering you in making lasting lifestyle changes.

One of the biggest challenge one faces in today’s fast paced life is how to actually keep up with time crunch and how to actually follow a healthy lifestyle. Therefore here at, The Diet Mantra ,we make it simple and provide our clients with easy to manage ,practical and flexible diet plan thus leaving a lasting impact.


To dedicate ourselves in helping our clients achieve holistic wellness from inside out with customised  programs.Our motto is to ensure that health and fitness are made accessible to all.


The Diet Mantra empowers clients with the guidelines  to get their bodies back to healthy. This will serve our clients in gaining control over their lives ,increasing energy and focus and making healthiest decisions for themselves.

We provide customised diet plans after analysing your needs ,eating habits ,medical history ,lifestyle and work schedule.

Our diet plans are designed to easily  merge into your lifestyle and to make you reach your goals while having delicious,innovative and healthy meals.

Our programs are personalized and customized according to an individual’s lifestyle and revolves around these principles :

  1. Adequate sleep
  2. Balanced nutrition
  3. Emotional detox
  4. Adequate exercise

Every disease or ailment has an imbalanceand we work on correcting that imbalance to heal ,prevent and lose weight and enhance health.

The Diet Mantra by Monika Manchanda is your source of easy and convenient planning packed with helpful ideas and guidelines. We provide consultations to clients who ask for more ideas, recopies ,suggestions and matches their current lifestyle.



I have been taking diet plans from Monika for the last six months. Be it early morning or late nights, outings or functions she has been guiding like a true friend. With her expert diet advice at all times. I was anaemic and not my hb level have increased considerably and I am more active and healthy. Thank you Monika

Navpreet Kaur
Navpreet Kaur

The Diet Mantra is not a diet clinic but a place where you learn to modify your lifestyle so as to lead a healthy life. I am so thankful to Monika for providing me a diet accordingly to my work schedule and the limited time I have. Not at all complicated food but simple yet delicious and healthy options. I have gotten rid of my acidity, constipation and bloating issues. Thanks Monika

Savita Nanda, Australia
Savita Nanda

I was 126 kg by following diet plan from dietitian Monika, I have lost 10kg in two months. Her patience and friendliness makes a comfort zone wherever you can share not only your diet issues but other problems like insecurity, complex issues. Her motivation has kept me going and helped me achieve a healthy lifestyle. Thank you so much Monika Mam.


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