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“Health is Wealth”, famously quoted and absolutely befits for a balanced diet! Especially the women falling in the age group of 25 and above, this is an imperative conclusion. Women are often seen hurling from post to pillar in order to take care of family needs, and every member’s nutritional needs. But what about them???


It should hold the utmost consideration. A female body that too at the age of 25 undergoes dynamic changes and prepares itself for the upcoming phases of life. So, ignoring its needs is absolutely a false notion.

Today in this article you will find the information about some quick tips and tricks for a balanced diet for our reader’s base 25 years and above. 


We Diet Mantra By Monika, are here to help our readers with 5 must-have additives and consideration for a woman aged 25


Feminine Nutritional Requirements


Often it’s thought that a female’s nutritional needs are no different from the ones for males. But it’s a wide-ranging falsity. As soon as the female body develops, it develops along with itself a distinct nutritional requirement too. And if our diet doesn’t match this need then it becomes too difficult for the body to cope up with changing hormonal balance.


We, women, have a little need for calorific intake, unlike men. But having said that, our need for vitamins and minerals is much more than men. Our body undergoes a plethora of hormonal changes once we start attaining puberty. For instance, menstruation, breast enlargement, childbearing, menopause, and the list goes on to endless. So, having so many changes in one single body, it requires quite a lot of nutritional care else the results are anemia, osteoporosis, etc.


Tip: An active intake of iron, calcium, and magnesium is a wise consideration. Vitamin B, Vitamin B9 that is folate is a must too.


Supplements are no solution 


It is often seen that women who fall short on important dietary requisites are made to rely on dietary supplements. But introspection is needed whether it is actually a wise choice?


How can the natural dietary intake have such a short term substitution?! It is imperative to note that supplements can only act as a short term complementary material and cannot make up for a regular unbalanced diet.


 Tip: To have an ensured balanced diet that doesn’t lack any of the necessary nutrients, your diet should be inclusive of veggies, healthy fats, high protein ingredients. Also, it should have omission of added sugar and excess alcohol.


Calcium-Rich Balanced Diet


A calcium-rich diet is generally the most sublunary aspect of a diet plan. Especially women never consider it necessary enough to have a good amount of calcium intake inclusiveness. Now, here let’s make an effort to understand why is calcium so important? We all know that calcium is responsible for keeping our bones healthy as well as helps in heart rhythm regulation.


But what most of us are unaware of is the fact that calcium is an important requisite to have our nervous system function well. Having a calcium-deficient body can cause agitation, anxiety issues, depression, insomnia, etc.


Not just this, if there’s a lack of calcium intake, your body will not compromise but will rather borrow calcium from your bones to ensure systematic functioning. And this will further cause weakened bones which results in osteoporosis at a later stage. For women aging around 25, you need to have strong bones to help your body at the time of the childbirth, so calcium deficiency is something at least you can’t afford.


Tip: Have a good intake of the calcium-rich diet with a combination of magnesium as well as Vitamin D. According to Dt. Monika, women aging between the range of 19-50 years should have around 1000 mg of calcium per day. The sources of the same can be leafy veggies, fish, grains, tofu, etc. Remember, a normal body can have only 500 mg at once.


Dairy Products, Include or Exclude?


As we mentioned above, most of the calcium-rich diet comes from dairy products. Should it be permissible or not? Dairy products, for instance, cheese, yogurt, whole milk, etc are the ones that are exclusively rich in saturated fats. According to Dt. Monika, a normal woman aging around 25 should not have more than 10% of saturated fats intake of her total calorific dosage.


Having said that we mean, whole milk dairy should not be taken in excess. Also, low-fat dairy products should be your first choice as and when possible. But making a note of one thing is absolutely necessary, that reduced-fat products are often inclusive of a high amount of added sugars. This can ruin your waistline as well as health.



The Perfect Iron Intake for Balanced Diet


Iron plays a vital role in hemoglobin creation. Also, iron is inevitable in the healthy maintenance of hair, skin, nails and almost everything women cherish! A lot of blood is shed out of a female body by means of menstruation. At the same time, childbirth requires blood amounting to double that of loss. Therefore, there’s an immense iron deficiency in the female body. Also, breastfeeding needs a good amount of iron too. But to our absolute.


amazement, iron deficiency anemia is the most recurrent one in a woman. And once you are affected with anemia, it literally reflects in your health condition. It affects the energy level you possess. It plays a big role in causing breathlessness, weakness, etc.


Many times you must have noticed that you are affected with weakness by performing even the slightest bit of physical activities. If you are an office goer, then concentration is the key to this fast hurling digital world. But if your brain is iron deficient then it becomes really tough to concentrate.


Tip: According to Dr. Monika, an adult woman aging 25 falls in the age group of 19-50 and hence needs an iron intake of 18 mg on a daily basis. If you are in a pregnant phrase, then this gets extended to 27 mg. Consumption of raisins, red meat(saturated fat), leafy veggies, seafood will help.


Balanced Diet Chart For Male & Female




So, these are some healthifying balanced diet tips for women approaching or have already approached 25 years of age. Having followed these dietary tips, your diet will fetch you extremely effective results.



Stay healthy 💚



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