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Foods To be Included in Diet after Testing Corona Positive

Those positive or are recovering from covid 19, the most essential part of keeping your health is proven to be nutrition. As one gets infected with the covid 19 infections, the body’s immunity gets run down. A patient is likely to experience weakness during or even...

What is PCOD? How to treat PCOD Naturally?

A 2019 study showcased that 20% of Indian Women have PCOD. So, what is PCOD and why is it a common disorder in the population in India. First of all, the name PCOD means Polycystic Ovary Disorder which implies three important aspects of the disease. Polycystic refers...
Top 10 food items that help’s you sleep at night

Top 10 food items that help’s you sleep at night

Today, many people experience sleep problems, this can have many reasons like, increased workload, stress problems, improper diet, or eating unhealthy food items. Many people have personally experienced how food items can affect their energy levels and alertness. Such...

How to Stop Eating Junk Food

We know that food is our necessity, food for us is like fuel for cars. There are people who like to eat healthy food and maintain a balanced diet whereas there are some who can’t even resist eating junk food in their daily routine. These people also deal with cravings...
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