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How a Child nutrition specialist can help in overall growth of your child.

If there is anything that is the most essential thing for a child, it is a proper nutrition and a healthy diet. An absolute and accomplished nutrition and diet can massively contribute to the child’s proper growth and development. It also helps them to learn many things which are an indispensable part of their life. In fact, healthy foods will certainly ensure your child will have a healthy life as an adult too. However, it is also important to know what kind of nutritional requirement is there at a certain age group and plans their food accordingly.

Role of foods at different age groups


No wonder, the best food for the baby is the mother’s milk that contains the right amount of protein, fat, cholesterol and carbohydrate that is quite essential for the baby. Apart from a perfect nutritional choice, the mother’s milk also protects the baby from the several diseases as well.

From baby to 2 years age group

In this age group your child is relatively ready to intake solid food components. It is recommended to give various nutrients that complement the body’s growth and development. Your child requires the right blend of proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, and calories. Since babies and toddlers grow at an incredible pace, they efficiently require such foods to keep them going. You can give rice cereal with milk, pureed fruits and vegetables.


When your baby moves on from a 2 years age group to a young kid you need to visit & consult child nutrition specialist in Delhi, they become more active both physically and mentally. At this stage, they require more calories to grow. Protein becomes highly essential as it contributes in building muscle mass. Moreover, whole grains, vegetables and fruits provide much-needed balance in the diet that helps them to fulfil the requirement of the growing child.


This is the time when children need to eat more. Therefore, it is recommended to consume more healthy foods that provide extra energy to support the growth spurt and nutritional needs. Eating healthy and right foods at this point of time will set the right tone for a healthy lifestyle for them as well.


I have been taking diet plans from Monika for the last six months. Be it early morning or late nights, outings or functions she has been guiding like a true friend. With her expert diet advice at all times. I was anaemic and not my hb level have increased considerably and I am more active and healthy. Thank you Monika

Navpreet Kaur
Navpreet Kaur

The Diet Mantra is not a diet clinic but a place where you learn to modify your lifestyle so as to lead a healthy life. I am so thankful to Monika for providing me a diet accordingly to my work schedule and the limited time I have. Not at all complicated food but simple yet delicious and healthy options. I have gotten rid of my acidity, constipation and bloating issues. Thanks Monika

Savita Nanda, Australia
Savita Nanda

I was 126 kg by following diet plan from dietitian Monika, I have lost 10kg in two months. Her patience and friendliness makes a comfort zone wherever you can share not only your diet issues but other problems like insecurity, complex issues. Her motivation has kept me going and helped me achieve a healthy lifestyle. Thank you so much Monika Mam.

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