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Diabetes Management

Diabetes Management

Diabetes is a medical condition in which the blood sugar level rises high. Our body needs glucose as a source of energy to cells. However, an excess of everything is harmful.

In today’s era when the lifestyle of people has become so sedentary, diabetes has become a significant problem across the world. Due to the lack of physical activities and unhealthy eating habits, everyone is at the radar of the disease. It is advisable to consult a best dietician for Diabetes in Delhi if your problem is just at an initial stage so that it can be easily controlled.


All that we consume contains some amount of sugar. For a diabetic person, it is imperative to keep a check on everything they eat or drink. Foods with a low glycemic index are suggested to diabetic people. Diabetes might not seem a big problem initially, but in the long run, it can have severe impacts on your health and can be a trigger for other major health issues. That’s why controlling diabetes initially could help you from the long lasting disease. 

Foods to avoid: the list mainly includes

    • All the sweetened beverages
    • Rice
    • Bakery Products
    • Trans Fats
    • Potato
    • Oatmeal
    • Pasta

The diabetic people should not feel disheartened seeing this list. Controlled consumption of this food can be allowed, but it is advisable to consult a specialist dietician for the same.

The list of foods with low glycemic index include oatmeal, corn, sweet potato, converted rice, high fiber cereal, fresh fruits, and vegetables, etc. (Glycemic index is a number that represents the tendency of carbohydrate food to increase the level of glucose in the blood.). Dietitian Monika Manchand came up with the ideas to help you heal the problems. Being the best dietitian in Delhi, helping her many clients.

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