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Role of Diet in Liver and Kidney Disorders

No wonder the liver and the kidneys are among the most important organs of the human body. Their smooth and balanced functions are quite crucial for a healthy life. Any kind of disorder in our liver or kidneys can make our body suffer various diseases that could be life threatening as well.

Both liver and kidneys are responsible for eliminating toxin and waste product from our body. Our liver converts them into a less hazardous compound, whereas the kidney flushes them out from the body, you need to consult dietitian for kidney and liver disorders in Delhi. Any kind of disorder may halt the function of our kidney and liver. However, if you choose the right diet, the distorted issues can be handled effectively and the functions of these organs will come back on track.

Role of diet in managing liver and kidney diseases

In order to manage the liver and kidney diseases, it is important to rely on balanced and kidney and liver supportive diet. At the same time, anything that can possibly increase the prevailing disease is worth avoiding. All you need to do is to religiously stick with a varied and balanced diet that mostly includes unprocessed foods as well as plant-based foods. Your proper diet may involve taking vegetables and lean protein such as egg, fish, poultry, legumes, etc. You can add these diet to your frequent meals and avoid the intake of sodium, saturated fat, and sugar.

Foods that are allowed /avoid in liver and kidney diseases

Foods that you can eat in liver disorder include Fish, Oatmeal, Walnuts, Papaya, milk, avocado, garlic, green tea and olive oil. You should avoid taking alcohol, added sugar, red meat, salt, fried food, white bread, pasta and rice.

Foods that you can eat in kidney disorder comprise cauliflower, cabbage blueberries, garlic, onion, radish, olive oil, egg whites, sea bass, pineapple, red grapes, and bulgur. You can avoid taking foods that are high in salt, potassium and phosphorus, such as processed meat, sausage & lunch meats, salty snacks, dinner that is high in sodium.


I have been taking diet plans from Monika for the last six months. Be it early morning or late nights, outings or functions she has been guiding like a true friend. With her expert diet advice at all times. I was anaemic and not my hb level have increased considerably and I am more active and healthy. Thank you Monika

Navpreet Kaur
Navpreet Kaur

The Diet Mantra is not a diet clinic but a place where you learn to modify your lifestyle so as to lead a healthy life. I am so thankful to Monika for providing me a diet accordingly to my work schedule and the limited time I have. Not at all complicated food but simple yet delicious and healthy options. I have gotten rid of my acidity, constipation and bloating issues. Thanks Monika

Savita Nanda, Australia
Savita Nanda

I was 126 kg by following diet plan from dietitian Monika, I have lost 10kg in two months. Her patience and friendliness makes a comfort zone wherever you can share not only your diet issues but other problems like insecurity, complex issues. Her motivation has kept me going and helped me achieve a healthy lifestyle. Thank you so much Monika Mam.

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