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Hey, Guys are you looking for an answer on the internet on how to reduce belly fat without any exercise and diet?

You are at the absolute right place. Today we will be sharing tips on how to reduce belly fat at home easily.

So without any wastage of time let’s get started..!!


Easy ways to get slimmer without gyming & harsh not so tasty diets have always been a dream.

Read till last to get 100% results.


It is quite possible but body toning & tightening will not be a major part of this journey.



Belly fat is very stubborn. Once you get it it is very difficult to get rid of it. Fat accumulates in the belly area because of several reasons.


  1. Hormonal changes
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Sedentary lifestyle
  4. Diet


Belly fat area normally the fat accumulation happens due to excess of insulin in the system & the main causes are STRESS & Sedentary Lifestyle, genetics, or maybe because of pregnancy.

Anyways let’s get started with the most helpful tips for the topic of our day.

Good Sleep & a lot of water intake & portion size is the basic key of a good diet.


Let’s hop in with some Tips


  1. Massage the tummy fat daily 30 mins before the bath &
  2. try tummy-control garments
  3. practice good body posture
  4. Avoid swallowing air like avoid carbonated beverages, even those with No or 0 calories like carbon water cold beverages. Beverages with carbon air will fill your abdomen with air, which causes a slaggy or bloated appearance.
  5. Avoid smoking anything directly or indirectly- Especially Smokers who inhale any stuff the smoke also tends to swallow and remain inside becoming particles, which bloats their stomach.
  6. Avoid chewing gum and talking while eating. Both of these habits lead to swallowed air.
  7. Start tracking your body weight daily.


Eating Tips For Reduce Belly Fat


  1. Breakfast


 Try 16-hour fasting – break the fast with a liquid diet, it may be a glass of cold-pressed juice with fiber & an apple. (Juices can comprise ginger beetroot cucumber or any seasonal veg or fruit you may like but avoid sugar if craving a lot add honey).

Milk can be a good option too but would recommend juice over milk. You may also add 2 boiled eggs or oats in your breakfast but a little quantity.



should have high proteins like lentils, pulses, whole wheat chapati with healthy fats like ghee in a lesser quantity. Boiled chana chaat & boiled dals are recommended.


After Lunch- After 30 mins of lunch or maybe 1 hour you may have a good herbal tea or black tea without sugar with No cookies.

You may add on makhane or home-roasted peanuts or some fruits in between to kick out the cravings.




It can be the same as lunch. You may add a soup before with less salt and more veggies or grilled paneer, chicken breast, or fish but remember the timings it should be around 8 if you sleep around 10-11 pm. Strictly no Post dinner snacking & good sleep of at least 8-10 hours is recommended.


*However Intermittent fasting has some associated risks and side effects. As a result, the plan is not right for everyone.


Hunger, weakness, and tiredness in the beginning stages of the plan

overeating or eating unhealthful foods during the 8-hour eating window due to excessive hunger

heartburn or reflux as a result of overeating.

A Person with underlying health conditions, such as – sugar level or bp (diabetes or low blood pressure)or with a history of disordered eating or mental health disorders should avoid it.


Follow it dedicatedly for at least 45 days and you will get good results.


For best results add guggul, amla, lemons, melons, cucumber water, etc.

People fasting for 16 hours should focus on eating high fiber whole foods, and they should stay hydrated throughout the day.


So do remember & follow all the points. A short but effective article.

Going off-topic but you should get motivated to workout and exercise for at least 20 mins in a day 🙂

If you have any doubts related to reducing belly fat you can ask in the comment below. Thanks for reading, stay healthy, take care

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