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A healthy body calls for a healthy mind. It’s been long since we have been hearing such phrases for healthy diet. But where we lack is a perfect dietary plan that we need to adhere to. Isn’t it? And spending a hefty sum for the same is something not affordable for a 21-year-old.


Hence, today we Diet Mantra By Monika are here with some quick tips and tricks for our reader’s base of 20 years and above.


Here we go


Do You Know your Calorie needs Healthy Diet?



Knowing the perfect calorie count that your body needs is a must. A quick hut and trial estimate just don’t work out. You need to have a certain sort of clarity about it. Having said that, we know where it all problematizes!


If you can’t afford a regular dietitian or a permanent gym membership, the Department of Health and Human Services is definitely there to rescue you up! This provides you a custom-tailored calorie solution in consideration with factors like body type, level of physical activity, etc

healthy diet tips

According to it, all women who are approaching 21 or have already done so, need at least 2,000 calorie consumption a day! It has mentioned two more ranges alongside this. A range of moderate activation, which equates 3 miles walking in a time period of 4 hours and a range of high activation in which 3 miles and above is mentioned within a single day both of these groups are in need of 2200 to 2400 calories respectively.





The Calories Burnt



It is imperative to notice that calorie count and calorie goals are two different things. The former one is concerned with your body needs while the latter one is all about weight loss. An in order to shrug off some weight you need to burn more calories than your body has taken in! According to National Hurt, Lung and Blood Institute, it is stated that having shrugged off a weight equating 1-2 pounds a week should be the goal. And converting the same into calories, at least 1000 calories should be burnt away.

healthy diet tips



It may seem like a scintillating deal at first but needs one to be much more cautious. Cutting real-time calories at such a pace in a jiffy is not a wise consideration at all as a body cannot bear such a change over a longer period of time. Also, the weight you lose comes back with the same pace that you have lost it with, once you get back to your original habits! For those who are hurtling towards the achievement of muscular fitness, you need a more focused approach towards eating for a healthy diet.




Especially a good amount of protein intake is the key to your success. According to the International Society of Sports Nutrition, “Don’t go too hard on having a protein-rich diet. The adequacy can be achieved by a mere 1.4 to 2 gms per kg of your bodyweight.



Dietary Requirements

healthy diet tips


So, here we come to zeroing out the crux of your healthy diet tips! It all comes down to dietary requirements in the end. It is an extremely dynamic thing to be talked of as it solely depends on your personal body goals! Most of the so-called fad diets are merely momentary.



They don’t have permanency. So, instead of trying to approach an illusionistic reality, one should go on having a weekly diet and drink plan. And now this plan should be compared with the other week’s results of calorie count. If you see a differentiable difference, then you know your way ahead! According to DHHS, your ideal food and drinking pattern should be inclusive of


1). Leafy green as well as colorful veggies.

2). The huge amount of fruits, especially whole ones.

3).Whole grains instead of refined ones

4). Low-fat dairy products

5).Quality proteins like the ones in ketosis i.e. fish, meats, and poultry, eggs, etc.

6). Avoid saturated fat oils rather than opt for unsaturated fat ones.
7). Avoid immense sugar intake. Added sugars are a big no. The intake should not cross the range of 10% calorie intake a day.

8). Sodium intake should be equal to or below 2300 mg a day.
9). Moderate alcohol consumption



Turning you are planned into actual


Having mentioned so much of it, we want to have it clarified to you that this nowhere means that you have to cut out all your favorite stuff. It simply means that you have to have an alternate version of the same.



According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there are a plethora of alternatives available to us, provided that we have time! Instead of frying something, we can bake them or grill them. For food items that are inclusive of extreme sugar, we can opt for a less sugary version of the same. Also, instead of eating the same food time and again, you can log on to a new veggie each week! Sounds interesting?



It is beneficial too! Not just this, you can also go for having substituted your sandwich veggies with eggs or shrimps. Other such quick health tips are inclusive of making extra space for fruits by cutting on to breakfast omelets. Especially when it comes to the last meal of the day that is dinner, be too specific about it.



Your dinner table should be full of whole grains and vegetables! If chopping veggies and fruits seem like one hectic task to you, then doing it up all at once is also a solution, but of course, not everything can be included in this list! But having them prepared beforehand is very helpful in sticking to the planned and making it a reality.




The Fitness Freak Female Healthy Diet 



Let the fitness freak come out of you! Especially when you are 21, no other time can be more perfect to fasten your belts for fitness regimen! Owing to the research observation of the National Weight Control Registry, ” The maximum number of people who lose weight do so through an amalgamated approach of dietary regulation and exercising approach.



” So, the inclusion of a perfect exercise pertaining to your body needs is a must. For those folks who are hustling for muscular gain, strength training is your perfect exercise. Also, if you want to stand at the same weight patterns you are at now, then exercising is a good option to stay healthy with a healthy diet.



It may not seem like a necessity right now, but definitely has relevance in the long run! According to the Mayo Clinic, ” Inclusion of regular exercising is extremely important. Right from maintaining fitness to fighting the chronic issues and stamina enhancement, it does it all. “




So, these were 5 of the quick healthy diet tips by Dt. Monika Having followed it all, it is needless to say that your body will gain not just the perfect size, but also the perfect health status that it should be at. We will be back with more such health effective tips and tricks for our readership base.




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