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In a world as busy as ours, staying healthy can be a challenge. The 9 to 5 jobs and the stress they
bring along rarely leaves space for introducing health care routines.
What we need then to achieve our health goals is smart work!
We have collected a list of 5 little things that can help you turn your life around with an effortless
ease. These habits can be easily developed and research has shown that these habits can leave a
great positive impact on your physical, emotional and mental health.

  1. Early to bed and early to rise!
    They said it in a poem ages ago, so it must be true!
    Being a morning person has tonnes of benefits. You feel more energetic. You become more
    productive. But the reason why it’s so important for your overall heath is because you get a perfect
    sleep routine.
    A regular sleep routine helps the body to balance the metabolic cycles while fully restoring the
    energy that you have lost during a long day’s work. Early risers are naturally exhausted by the end of
    the day which also makes it easier for them to fall asleep quickly at the night. This also improves the
    quality of their sleep.
    Sleeping during the nights also helps them to spend more time with their friends and family during
    the day!
    Therefore, a good night’s sleep is not just physically replenishing but is also emotionally
    empowering. People who are able to make the most of their day usually feel more satisfied with
    themselves and their progress. Sleeping during the nights also help their bodies to become more
    active during daytimes which often helps them to become more successful in a traditional
    Correcting your sleeping cycle can also help you to reduce daily anxiety and stress!
  2. Eat healthy to stay healthy!
    You have heard this one before too, haven’t you?
    Your body derives its nutrition from the foods that you eat, therefore it is critical to pay attention to
    your diet to ensure that you stay healthy. eating the right foods can help you to stay energised and
    also make you more productive and driven. Research has shown that people who eat a balanced diet
    are able to meet their deadlines more effortlessly than others.
    But what should your diet look like then?
    The first thing you need to do is cut off as much junk as you can from your diet. Junk food has a lot of
    sugar which can cause imbalance in your metabolic activities. High-sugar-high-fat foods also take a
    lot of time to get digested which means they constantly drain the energy out of your body during
    their digestion making you feel lethargic and tired. Therefore, avoid foods like:

 Packed juices
 Alcohol
 Fried foods
 Breads and pasta
 Foods rich in sugar and refined carbohydrates.

What should you eat?
Eat high protein foods. Foods with higher concentration of proteins increase your energy and
stabilise your blood sugar levels, helping you stay energised throughout the day. Some of the foods
that you can easily incorporate in your diet are:
 Yogurt
 Almonds and nuts
 Eggs
 Tuna
 Milk
 Broccoli
 Oats

  1. Keep a water bottle!
    Sometimes, something as simple as a water bottle is enough to bring a major
    transformation in your lifestyle!
    70% Of human body is made of water which is perhaps why water becomes so important for
    maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. A good hydrated lifestyle helps to ensure that your
    metabolic cycles run in a balanced manner which is critical for maintaining a good immunity as well
    as your overall physical health.
    Drinking 8-10 glasses of water is highly recommended by every medical professional.
    Water also helps to remove harmful toxins out of your body and helps you to feel fresh. Good water
    habits also often become of significant importance while restoring the hormonal balance.
    Therefore, in a water bottle, you have your key to physical, mental, and emotional health!
  2. Acknowledge your little victories!
    Some kind words go very far!
    Just like you would boost up the morale of a friend who wants to run a distance of 100 miles in a
    month after their first jog, you need to congratulate yourself after you spend a whole day of
    following your new lifestyle. It is not easy to change and you acknowledging how difficult it has been
    is perhaps the best motivation you can get.
    We recommend that you journal your victories. Write a brief account of your daily struggles and how
    it feels to overcome it.

You can also assign some rewards for yourself to drive up your motivation and make yourself feel
more satisfied.
Set some daily affirmations to remind you of your goals and keep you from giving into the
You have to find what works the best for you!
Also remember to use positive statements instead of negative ones while you are giving yourself a
talk. Instead of saying “this is so hard, I can’t do this” you can say, “this is a bit of a challenge but I
am sure I can make it happen!” Such statements help you stay kind to yourself while subconsciously
building your trust in yourself.

  1. Be Patient and stay consistent!
    “Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency” -Dwayne Johnson
    On paper, everything looks good but in practicality, you may not be able to meet your expectations
    as quickly as you would have imagined. When that happens, we want you to remember that its okay.
    Things will not change overnight. Lifestyle change is a process and it will take time and it is important
    that you stay patient during the process and to not lose faith. Focus more on the day-to-day victories
    and challenges rather than worrying about the end result. Try to enjoy the changes you are making
    and stay consistent with your efforts.
    You can also ask your friends and family to support you during the process and ensure that you are
    setting realistic expectations so that you stay satisfied with your progress.
    You can also consult a doctor or a dietician to help you with the process!
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