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Avoid Self Starving and Cravings

A low carb is certainly a way of eating less carbohydrates like grains, sugar or sweet beverages and bread or flour.

When we talk about following a low carb diet, it’s strictly necessary for you to consume proteins, healthy fats, and vegetables to replace carbs and promote less carvings.

So, by restricting carbs, you eliminate many high calorie foods  from your diet which helps efficiently in your weight loss journey.

A low carb diet has many benefits of its own, it is best in the case of diabetes, weight loss, unbalanced blood sugar levels and controls cardiovascular risk factors.

But , not every person can successfully maintain a low carb diet, some of them usually experience low energy levels, self-starving and food cravings. This is simply because of neglecting the right procedure to maintain this type of diet.

Here are some tips which can help you get energy on a low carb diet and avoid food starving and cravings:

Make Proper Diet Plan
  • Start by making a proper diet plan: Start by planning your meals and snacks for everyday, if you stick to this plan, you’ll always end up eating the right food at the time, which can reduce your irregular temptations. It is best to consult a professional dietician before planning your diet routine for your weight loss journey.  Diet Mantra by Monica is the best weight loss dietician in Delhi to consult about it.
  • Always look for carbs in your food: During the journey of the Low carb diet routine, it is very important to look for sneaky carbs that can be inside your daily food items. Always make sure to read your food label in order to check if you might not be consuming food with sugar or grains. Also, add some fruits and berries in your diet which can overcome your sudden cravings.
  • Grab a cup of coffee: Some people complain about low energy levels in their body when they are on a low carb diet. Don’t  worry , there is always a solution for every problem. You can drink a cup of coffee or tea whenever you feel low. Coffee contains enough caffeine, which is equally sufficient to boost your energy levels and make you feel active again.
Cup of Coffee
  • Don’t stop eating protein and good fats:  Protein contains at least amino acids which is very helpful in boosting energy levels in a body. Make sure to have good fat or protein with your daily meals. You always need some amount of energy to do your daily tasks and that’s exactly where protein intake is important in your diet.
Proteins and Good Fats

 It  builds and repairs your nervous system, blood, muscles, skin and hair, it also Transports iron, vitamins, minerals, fats and O2 and later can be broken down into energy.  Eggs, fish and poultry, all these fats and protein sources will keep you energized and satisfied.

  • Don’t take too much stress: Stress can affect your blood sugar levels and trigger cravings for comfort food. You need to keep yourself positive during your overall diet routine. Regular exercise and a good sleep for at least 7-8 hours can help you reduce stress. Meditation and activities that you enjoy can also be an effective thing to do.

Apart from all these things, it is very useful if you can drink at least 10 glasses of water everyday. Water has the power to keep hydrated,  protects vital organs, helps in  nutrient absorption and increases blood volume for optimal athletic performance.

If you are an athlete or someone who gives major time of your life to exercise and fitness, then you must take care of these tips. Any physical activity requires a lot of energy and when you are on a low carb diet, it is highly recommended to eat energy boosting food with low carbs in it.

If you need more suggestions or information about how you can get energy in a low carb diet and self starving and cravings, you can book your consultation appointment with Diet Mantra by Monica, who is said to be the best weight loss dietician in Delhi.

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