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Every morning when you wake up, do you feel discomfort? You sit for a longer time than it’s needed to just free yourself from the stomach pain. Sometimes you might also feel acidic or have gastric problems.

Well, if you are someone who experiences this every morning. Then let’s hear a story. One day a child asked his father out of curiosity. 

A Child calling out his father – Father! Father!

Father – Yes! My son. What happened?

Child – May I ask you a question. 

Father – Sure, why not? 

Child – Father, why do you always ask me to wish everyone good morning?

Father- Well, when you wish everyone good morning, you refuse yourself to have a bad day.

Child – Oh, but father what if I tell you every morning I don’t feel anything good. 

Father with concern asked – What happened to my child? 

Child – Every morning when I wake up either I feel anxious or pain in my stomach. I don’t know what is happening to me. 

Father – Don’t worry son, Everything will be okay soon. 

In the above story, the child was unknowingly suffering from constipation. This happens mostly When you have less frequent bowel movements. Sometimes this condition also leads to depression, anxiety, and pain disorders. 

Doctors state that a constipated stomach means an unhealthy body and mind. Thus, in order to avoid such discomfort in your life. Taking care of your diet is the best way possible. Having a healthy body depends on what you eat on a daily basis. This not only cures your constipated stomach but rather it also prevents you from many infections, disorders, and diseases.

Here are some ways in which we are discussing how to treat constipation with diet plan.

Here is what you should do on a daily basis if you have constipation. 

  • Keep a check on your fiber intake 

Fiber is a great way to boost your metabolism and improve your digestion. The ideal intake of fiber in your body totally depends on your sex and age. Other factors that affect the ideal intake of fiber in your body are pregnancy or medical conditions. In such cases get in touch with a dietitian in order to treat constipation with diet plan. 

According to health care experts,  constipation also occurs with loss of appetite or at times when you lose interest in food. So, it is important that you discuss your diet plan with a dietitian who will let you know the ideal intake of fiber that you should take on a regular basis.  

Initially, you can allow your body to adjust to the change and then make it your habit. Some of the rich sources of fiber are papaya, sweetcorn, oats, eggs,  and many more that you can easily include in your diet plan. 

  • Drink plenty of water

Yes! You have heard it right. Water is the most important source of liquid that your body needs. It helps in the functioning of the circulatory system as well as protects you from many diseases. Science proves that our body produces toxins on a daily basis that needs to be removed. 

As a result, it is recommended by the experts to drink a glass full of warm water first thing in the You can also keep water in a copper vessel over the night and heat the water first thing in the morning. This will improve your digestive performance even more. Try out healthy lifestyle tips now only with Diet Mantra by Monika

  • Drink Amla juice

If you still face difficulty while you empty your stomach, even after drinking plenty of water on a daily basis along with taking a fiber-rich diet. Then you can also include amla in your daily routine. For having the best results you must consume amla juice mixed with warm water in the morning. 

Do you think why is it important to take in the morning?

Well, it is not important but it gives you the best results. Having a great bowel movement in the morning holds the power to make you feel happy and healthy.

  • Include fennel in your routine

Fennel, also commonly known as saunf, has properties that are best for your stomach. It not only improves your digestion but also supports your heart health as it is a rich source of Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, fiber, folate, and potassium. 

Fennel is also used as saunf powder while cooking food. It not only adds flavor to your dish but also helps your body to digest it. You can also eat it in raw form just after your meal or some people also drink saunf water in the morning. 

Apart from these tips, there are many ways that you can apply them in your daily life and save yourself from constipation. Even though constipation is not a disease or disorder but rather it is a condition that could be handled with the help of a diet plan. Your eating habits overall prevent you from diseases, high-stress levels, low energy levels, etc. 

Here is what you should not eat if you have a constipated stomach every morning

  • Avoid overeating

Some people say that eating fruits and vegetables that provide you with a good amount of roughage is good for your stomach. However, as the saying goes, excess of everything is bad.  Eating more fruits and vegetables can also become unhealthy for your body. 

Knowing what you have to eat is good but knowing about how and how much you should eat is the best way that helps you to become healthy. 

  • Healthy tip

Keep a check on both the quality and quantity of what you eat on a regular basis. Take consultation from the best dietitian in Delhi and learn how you can live a constipation-free life.

  • Avoid fast foods

In the modern-day world, eating fast foods is a part of an unhealthy lifestyle. So, does this mean that we must stop eating junk food completely? Definitely not! All you need to do is get in touch with the best dietitian to follow a healthy lifestyle. Seeking help from a health care professional will help you decide what you should eat and what you should not eat. It will also help you to understand the right food items to consume at the right time and how to treat constipation with diet plan.

Taking a diet plan from a Diet Mantra by Monika doesn’t mean that you are cutting down on your meals. But rather it means that you have become wise to choose your healthy meal. Then, what are you waiting for? Book your appointment now.

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