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Thyroid Weight Management


Thyroid disorders are one of the most common hormonal disorders affecting millions of people across India. Thyroid is an endocrine gland that secretes hormones that are directly involved in the metabolic activities of the body. Therefore, a healthy thyroid ensures good metabolism. However, oftentimes, due to stress and improper diets, the thyroid can start secreting improper amounts of hormones leading to either Hypothyroidism (caused by insufficient amounts of thyroid hormones) or Hyperthyroidism (caused by excess amounts of thyroid hormones). Both the conditions adversely affect the body’s functioning by negatively impacting the whole metabolic system. This often leads to other hormone imbalances and sudden changes in weight.

Hypothyroidism leads to a sudden gain in weight and hyperthyroidism leads to a sudden loss of weight. It can be really difficult to cope with these sudden changes since it often makes the client feel embarrassed and helpless. A sudden weight loss can often lead to frustration in thyroid patients while a sudden increase in weight can make a patient feel less motivated and constantly exhausted. While medications work to re-establish the hormonal imbalance, a healthy weight loss or weight gain diet can help you manage your symptoms better. Following a thyroid management diet does not only allow you to regain your daily confidence but also supports medical treatment, thereby ensuring a speedy mental and physical recovery.

Being the most acknowledged dietician in Delhi, nutritionist Monika Manchanda knows how deeply diet can affect the body. Since a thyroid disorder could also be a result of an improper diet, having a balanced diet has the potential to undo the very cause of the disorder. Following a thyroid control diet also helps the clients to regain control over the situation and plays a critical part in their recovery. This makes them feel positive and enthusiastic which makes it easier for them to lead their lives normally.

When dietician Monika makes a thyroid control diet she focuses on returning the self-confidence of their clients and an excellent way of doing so is to manage the sudden thyroid weight loss or gain. 

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