diet plan for pregnancy in delhi

Right Diet Plan for Pregnancy.

During pregnancy and lactating period, a woman requires more than the usual diet intake, so that she could meet her own needs as well as the needs of the growing baby in her womb. In fact, they need an additional 350 calories in the second trimester and 450 calories in the third trimester. Thus, it is quite crucial to ensure that pregnant and lactating mother has adequate provision of extra food to fulfil their nutritional demands.

Role of diet in pregnancy and lactation

The diet that a pregnant woman consumes heavily influence the physical growth, characteristics and behaviour of the unborn baby. Similarly, during the lactating period, the balanced diet and nutrition will provide the newborn with all the essential nutrients a baby required. During pregnancy and lactation, the women required the essential amount of protein, fats, calcium, zinc, iron, vitamins, iodine. The additional energy from the foods efficiently complements the growth of the foetus, placenta and maternal tissues. Protein and fats vastly help them in milk production for breastfeeding later on. Drinking plenty of water is also recommended during pregnancy and lactation period. Such women must drink 6-8 glass of water a day. All in all, a healthy and balanced diet is paramount during pregnancy and lactation. Diet plan for pregnancy in Delhi.

Foods to increase milk production in mothers

The essential nutrients that help the mother to increase the milk production in mothers include:

  • Protein: You get from meat, egg, dairy product and legumes

  • Vitamin A: Green and leafy vegetables and yellowish fruits and vegetables are good sources of Vitamin A.

  • Vitamin C: It is found abundantly in citrus fruits, strawberries, mango, melon and green pepper.

  • Calcium and Phosphorous: milk and dairy product are rich sources of calcium and phosphorus.

To increase the quantity and quality of breast milk you can rely on foods such as oatmeal, milk, fenugreek seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, green papaya, garlic, barley, brown rice, spinach, beet leaves, water and juices.


I have been taking diet plans from Monika for the last six months. Be it early morning or late nights, outings or functions she has been guiding like a true friend. With her expert diet advice at all times. I was anaemic and not my hb level have increased considerably and I am more active and healthy. Thank you Monika

Navpreet Kaur
Navpreet Kaur

The Diet Mantra is not a diet clinic but a place where you learn to modify your lifestyle so as to lead a healthy life. I am so thankful to Monika for providing me a diet accordingly to my work schedule and the limited time I have. Not at all complicated food but simple yet delicious and healthy options. I have gotten rid of my acidity, constipation and bloating issues. Thanks Monika

Savita Nanda, Australia
Savita Nanda

I was 126 kg by following diet plan from dietitian Monika, I have lost 10kg in two months. Her patience and friendliness makes a comfort zone wherever you can share not only your diet issues but other problems like insecurity, complex issues. Her motivation has kept me going and helped me achieve a healthy lifestyle. Thank you so much Monika Mam.

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