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Diet Plan for Pregnancy & Lactation

Diet Plan To Follow During Pregnancy & Lactation

A lactating mother must take enough food not only for herself but also for the baby inside her womb. The baby depends on the nutrition intake of the mother, and hence the pregnancy diet plan of the mother crucially impacts the growth of the baby. Taking lactation consultation for a balanced diet during the pregnancy time ensures full nutrition to the baby and thereby has a positive impact on the well-being and health of the unborn.

Why should you follow the right diet chart during PREGNANCY?

Pregnant Women Diet Chart should contain proteins, zinc, fats, calcium, and iron that are considered vital components. The extra energy provided by food that has all these components will help in the growth of not only the fetus but also the maternal organs. Additional proteins and fats assist the milk production process which is required later for breastfeeding. Also, drinking 10-15 glasses of water must become a habit for pregnant women.

Thus, a healthy diet is what makes a healthy baby. Pregnancy is a time when no compromise should be made with the food of the mother; otherwise, it can have drastic impacts on the health of the unborn child. A happy and healthy environment is also an essential part of the pregnancy process. A healthy environment leads to a healthy mother and baby.

Regular relaxation exercises and daily walks are essential for a smooth pregnancy and are also necessary for a healthy weight loss post-pregnancy. Pregnancy is a golden period in a woman’s life, and with healthy nutrition, the journey becomes even more joyful.

For complete guidance on what to eat and what foods to avoid during this time, pregnant women can take the dietary consultation from the Best Dietitians and Nutritionists in Delhi. Don’t take a chance with your health or that of your to-be-born baby. Allow us to be your guides during this entire process.


The essential nutrients that help the mother to increase milk production in mothers include:

  • Protein: You get from meat, egg, dairy product, and legumes
  • Vitamin A: Green and leafy vegetables and yellowish fruits and vegetables are good sources of Vitamin A.
  • Vitamin C: It is found abundantly in citrus fruits, strawberries, mango, melon, and green pepper.
  • Calcium and Phosphorous: milk and dairy product are rich sources of calcium and phosphorus.

To increase the quantity and quality of breast milk you can rely on foods such as oatmeal, milk, fenugreek seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, green papaya, garlic, barley, brown rice, spinach, beet leaves, water, and juices.

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