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Menopause marks the end of the reproductive period in women. It is caused due to a natural reduction in reproductive hormones when a woman reaches her 40s or 50s. This is a natural process, often signaled by the lack of menstruation for at least 12 months. After menopause, body undergoes a lot of changes which can make it difficult to keep up with your daily routine. Menopause can lead to hot flashes, weight gain, irritability, decreased bone density apart from other hormonal changes. All these symptoms can be extremely hard to manage. However, having a good diet plan for menopause can help to make the transition easier. Following are the top 6 foods that must be a part of your online diet for menopause:-

  • Green Veggies

Green vegetables, especially broccoli, are often recommended for women going through menopause. Vegetables naturally contain a good mixture of many essential vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B and fibers which not only have a positive impact on the body metabolism but also help in the effective management of weight and hormonal changes. Calcium and potassium also help to maintain a good bone health which is why it is often included in many online diets for menopause. Broccoli, especially, is also found to have a positive impact on estrogen levels, which reduces the risk of breast cancer.

  • Soy

Soy is proven to be highly beneficial for menopause transitions therefore you will often found it listed amongst the foods to follow during menopause. Soy is a phytoestrogen, which means it is amongst the few plant based compounds that act as a weak estrogen in the human body. During menopause, the body experiences a sudden decline in estrogen levels therefore including soy in your diet plan for menopause will help to compensate that. It also reduces the menopause symptoms and allows for an improved bone health. However, you must avoid highly processed soy foods such as tofu. Go for soy dairy instead.

  • Whole Grains and Oatmeal

Despite being rich in carbohydrates, whole grains are a rich source of fiber, proteins and vitamin B which is why it should be a part of your online diet for menopause. Oatmeal is one of the most beneficial cereals since it effectively prevents diabetes, constipation, inflammation, weight gain, and cholesterol issues. Including whole grains in your diet plan for menopause can help you ensure a good overall metabolism and less sporadic symptoms.

  • Green tea

It is perhaps the most recommended food under the “foods to follow more menopause dropdowns by best dietitians.  Not only does it help in an effective weight management but also helps to replace other unhealthy sugary-caffeinated beverages. Green tea helps to ensure a good heart health and reduces the risk of cancer, inflammation and constipation. It is also promotes a better metabolism and is a good source of antioxidants. Therefore, we suggest it as a must add in your online diet for menopause. 

  • Yogurt and Eggs

No “foods to follow during menopause” list can be complete without dairy. Dairy products, in general, are excellent sources of vitamin D and calcium. This helps to naturalize the decreased bone health and reduce the risks of developing a cholesterol issue. Eggs are a good source of Iron which is also a good supplement for women undergoing menopause and yogurts are proven to prevent early menopause while boosting the everyday body metabolism.

  • Flax

Our last recommendation for your diet plan for menopause would be flax. Flax has Omega-3s, is rich in fibers, and also acts a phytoestrogen. Studies found that a regular consumption of flaxseeds leas to reduction in menopause symptoms, thereby making it easier for women to return to their normal lifecycle.

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