Weight Management in Thyroid

The thyroid gland in the body produces hormones which regulate several metabolic processes, body energy, and body temperature. The thyroid gland is vital for the well-functioning of the body. The problems in thyroid gland can be- hyperthyroidism (excess production of hormones) or hypothyroidism (insufficient amounts of thyroid hormones).

The thyroid hormones affect the weight of an individual. If someone is facing the condition of hyperthyroidism, it is commonly seen that they rapidly lose weight and vice versa in case of hypothyroidism.

Like any other disease, thyroid is also affected by the type of food you eat. Your diet has a significant impact on your condition, and hence it is advised that the affected consults a dietician who can help prepare a proper diet chart which would thereby help bring the problem under control. A dietician will help you stay away from the problem if you haven’t been affected yet and would help control intensity for those affected.

Role of diet in managing thyroid

It is needless to say, what you eat may affect your thyroid condition, you need to consulta dietitian for thyroid in Delhi. The thyroid can be well-managed or controlled with the help of the appropriate diet selection. By sticking to foods that helps in the regulation of thyroid hormone, we can certainly avoid the thyroid related disorders to come into existence, or to control if already affected by the thyroid problem.

Foods allowed /avoid in thyroid

To increase the quantity and quality of breast milk you can rely on foods such as oatmeal, milk, fenugreek seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, green papaya, garlic, barley, brown rice, spinach, beet leaves, water and juices.

However, the amounts in which these foods should be taken or avoided need to be prescribed by a specialist considering your condition. So, if you need it, make an appointment soon.

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