Weight Management is no more a secret, follow five simple tips to stay in shape

Weight Management is no more a secret, follow five simple tips to stay in shape

People these days can go to any extent and follow some crazy diets to stabilize or reduce their weight. However, the basic aim of a person should not be just to lose weight but to aim for allover health. Several stats reveal that most of the people quit their weight management goal when no prominent results are achieved within a specific period of time.

According to the Dt. Monika Manchanda, “Whether, you want to gain weight, lose weight or just want to stay in the current weight category you are, it all takes a calculated element to synchronize together to produce amazing results at the end of the day”. She further adds that the key to sound weight management is the adhere religiously with a consistent work out routine, the habit of eating nutritious foods, eating low-fat protein, drinking lots of water and last but not the least keep yourself motivated to follow your routine ardently.

So I am gonna giving you some expert tips and tricks to make your weight management effort more productive as well as effective.

1. Workout

Exercise is the most essential component in the armory of weight management skill. It is not important what form of workout you choose, but enjoying the activity of the workout and following it religiously is extremely essential. Regular exercise not only keeps your weight in check, but it also provides your body with a pleasant curve and appearance you can proud of.

2. Calorie connection

The connection of calorie with your ideal weight is quite simple, though people could not put it in a simple way is a point of concern. It is something like this, if you want to put on weight, you must go for a surplus calorie at the end of the day. In case your goal is to reduce weight, you should follow a calorie deficit diet plan along with your exercise. To maintain your weight, you should burn as many calories with your activity or exercise you take in a day.

3. Take adequate amount fiber

Fiber is the key ingredient in your diet. Add fruits, vegetables, and whole grains as much as possible. It will keep your metabolism and digestive system on track and helps you to fill you up before it fills you out.

4. Keep your carb intake under control

The high amount of carbohydrate will trigger your blood sugar with some innocent food like baked-potato that has the potency to raise your insulin, a hormone that causes your body to store fat. Avoid artificial sugar as much as you can and take a controlled carb throughout the day.

5. Take frequent meal

Instead of taking a big and stomach full meal, you should inculcate the habit of a small and frequent meal to fulfill your all kinds of nutrition and diet requirement. It is the best thing to make your weight under control. Accompanying it with your daily exercise routine will ideally keep your weight stable.

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