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Just like any other profession and professionals. The best dietitian in Delhi should possess certain qualities that make them stand out from others in the field.  In this blog, we look in detail at the main qualities of dietitians. These are essential to change people’s lives via a great diet. These are pre – requisite that clients expect from their dietitian. Let’s read about these qualities and know more about dietitians. 

Below are the main qualities the best dietitian in Delhi should have as per the expectations of clients:

  • Educational background in nutrition. The essential attribute of a dietitian is an educational background in nutritionWe must be registered / accredited with the Indian Dietetic Association as a Registered Dietitian. We are required to sail through the entrance exam organised by the Indian Dietetic Association (IDA). This is to enable us to work as a Registered dietitian. Our educational qualification can be a Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition & Dietetics or Master’s of Science in Food & Nutrition. Then we need to do minimum 6 months internship after graduation, for us to sit for the exam. 
  • The exam is divided into 2 papers. Paper 1 includes areas such as Biochemistry, Physiologic, Human Physiology and Metabolic Changes in Disease, Sanitation, Hygiene, Food Microbiology, etc. Paper 2 includes Meal Management and Human Nutrition, Diet Therapy (Theory), Nutrition Education, etc. Once they have cleared the exam, they can offer dietary advice and call themselves a dietician. 
  • Good communication skills. It’s essential that a dietitian is very good at communication (oral and written). The Best dietitian near me must engage with a client like how doctors do and communicate accordingly. Using the medium of oral and written communication, the best dietitian near me needs to prepare & share the diet plan. 
  • Problem fixing ability.  We need to possess the soft skill of problem solving as dietitians. As an expert dietitian, we must be able to offer relevant and practical solutions. We also need to suggest tips based on each client’s unique needs & conditions and availability of resources. We are required to study each client’s situation in detail and arrive at conclusions. Then provide solid & sensible diet plans that are doable and relevant to the client’s background & needs. 
  • Passion for our career. We need to be passionate and committed to tour career just as any other professional. It reflects in the person’s attitude, communication and drive. A person’s dietary plans & enhancement consist of customised routines, and personalised diet consumption value. A proper assessment of a client cannot be carried out unless the dietitian is passionate about their work. Clients know within a meeting or two with a dietitian is good or not by the vibes that they emit.
  • Flexible approach to their work. No professional can succeed in life if they are not flexible in their work & attitude. The work of a dietitian revolves around unplanned developments, erratic work hours, online dietitian consultation, and all types of clients. They should be willing to meet clients as per their schedules. They need to offer alternative suggestions / diets in case a plan is not working. Online dietitian consultation is the need of the hour.

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